Dara Institute/Brazil Child Health (former Saúde Criança) is a Brazilian civil society organization that promotes health and human development with its unique integrated approach to combating poverty in the most vulnerable populations, especially with women of color, single mothers, and slum dwellers.
Dara Institute was launched by Dr. Vera Cordeiro in 1991 in an effort to break the vicious cycle between poverty and disease. Pioneering in intersectorial work on social determinants of health, Dara Institute has directly impacted over 85,000 local beneficiaries and a total of over 1,000,000 globally.  

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Currently, nearly 30% of Brazil’s population lives in poverty, with 6 out of 10 children deprived of access to education, clean water/sanitation, and housing.

According to an FGV Social study in 2021, 62.9 million Brazilians lived on a monthly per capita income of R$ 497 (US$ 100).
Instituto Dara’s Family Action Plan pioneers its cross-sectorial work by putting the most vulnerable families as protagonists in transforming their own lives resulting in impressive rates of success.
The Family Action Plan has resulted in:

Reduced hospitalization rates by 86%
Increased income generation by 92%
Improved education
More subjective well-being and housing security

The magnitude of our work largely depends on volunteer and partner support, as well as donations by individuals, private sector actors, foundations, and institutions.
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